Magic in a cup

At Cupcake World our range of cupcake range is as far as our imaginations will take us. There's a cupcake for everyone.

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Flavours to delight

Every cupcake brings some of the freshest, most delectable experience. Every themed cupcake is a theme of it's own, with it's own unique sweet taste to a place of magic and wonder.

How we make the magic

We make our cupcakes in three steps. Through trial and error we have found this to be the best method for a truly delicious cupcake.

Step 1

We take flour, eggs, and loving care and mix it along with some of our other freshest ingredients to create the best cupcake mix around.

Step 2

Every cupcake is then carefully placed in a pre heated oven until it blooms to a light, fluffy shape. 

Step 3

Now comes the fun part. We decorate our cupcakes with a unique theme using the yummiest and most colourful frosting and sprinkles. 

Some of our selections

Check out just some of our selections that come fresh right out our kitchen to your plate.

Vanilla Twist

A chocolate bake with a sweet helping of vanilla frosting

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Hazelnut swirl

A mudcake style cupcake base with a chocolatey-hazelnut blended topping

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Fairyfloss Cloud

A vanilla cupcake with strawberry sweet frosting and star sprinkles

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Cherry Whip

A vanilla cupcake with a light, fluffy cherry icing, topped with a glazed cherry

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Coconut Kiss

A banana flavoured cupcake decorated with a coconut imbued frosting

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Chocolate Mud

A light yet rich cupcake with an even tastier chocolate topping complete with hundreads & thousands sprinkled

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